May 11, 2010


---Me ha llegado una carta vía e-mail del Presidente Barack Obama, pidiendo que se apoye la nominación de Elena Kagan a la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos y no tengo muchos inconvenientes, es una mujer relativamente conservadora, aunque de un ligero, tenue tinte rosado; pero que disgusta mucho a la extrema izquierda del Partido Demócrata, reproduzco la carta de Barack y comparto con ustedes la propuesta del Señor Presidente:

Good afternoon,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of nominating one of the most brilliant legal minds in America -- and a friend of mine -- for the Supreme Court.

Elena Kagan's trailblazing career speaks for itself. An acclaimed legal scholar, she was the first woman to serve as Dean of Harvard Law School. A dedicated public servant, she was the first woman to serve as Solicitor General. In that position she has represented the American people before the Supreme Court in cases such as Citizens United, where she advocated forcefully for the right of Americans to be heard in our democracy over the well-funded clamor of corporate special interests.

Take it from a former constitutional law professor: deciding on the person to nominate to the Supreme Court is no easy task. But I know Elena will be an incredibly effective justice, thanks to her ability to build consensus across ideological lines and her profound grasp of how the law impacts real people's lives. It's made me proud to know and admire her for decades, and even prouder to nominate her to our Nation's highest court.

Thank you,
President Barack Obama

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